Bmw R65 R80 R100 Twin Cast Iron Pfm Discs For Monoshock Bikes Before 08/1988

   These are a pair of PFM after market cast iron front discs that fit the monolever bikes made before 08/1988. PFM used BMW disc carriers and fitted there own cast iron disc rotors to them. The benefit of having cast iron discs is that they wear very slowly compared to stainless discs and therefore last a lot longer. The downside, if you want to call it that, is that being cast iron surface rust appears on the rotor if left overnight. Many consider their breaking to be superior to stainless as there is much more friction with cast iron. These are hardly worn from their original ...

Bmw R65 R80 R100 A New Front Disc For Twin Disc Monoshock Bikes See Description

  This is a brand new (but old stock) BMW front disc that is suitable for the front on twin disc monolever (mono shock) R65, R80 and R100 models made before. The drill pattern on the disc is not handed like an EBC disc so will go on either side. Unfortunately it will NOT fit the single front disc models. Very good value as it is in new and unused condition. It has been sat on a shelf and the finish on the disc carrier has become a little cosmetically. We are the UKs largest independent BMW parts supplier. Motorworks UK are the UK's largest independent supplier of new and used parts for BMW ...

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