Tilton Clutch Twin Disc Adapter Kit Toyota 1jz 2jz To Bmw M57n M57n2 Gs6-53dz Jz

   Adapter Kit / Conversion Kit / SWAP. Toyota 1JZ 2JZ BMW M57N M57N2 GS6-53DZ HGU HGD TWIN DISC Tilton 900Nm. The kit works with standard JZ ring gear and starter. Our kit allows you to run 1JZ from 2JZ engine with bulletproof BMW manual transmission, as the Toyota R154 and V160 / 161 are getting harder to find and got really overpriced. The kit is Plug & Play to run the BMW gear, you should use the 2JZ starter motor and gear with this kit. You do not need to use a special flywheel! It's a simpler and cheaper solution than other devices on the market. With the advantage of low ...
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